The Program

NAR's Jr Level 1 program allows a person between the ages of 14-17 to fly motors with an impulse up to 640 Newton-seconds (H and I inpulse motors)

The Jr Level 1 Push program assists people wanting to achieving their NAR Jr Level 1 certification through a complete guided tutorial from purchase of parts to launch and certification. The program includes discounts on a Madcow Rocketry 2.6" DX3 and a motor for ROC participants, as well as a detailed assembly tutorial, and adult mentors to assist in your launch.
Photo by Jeff Gortatowsky


The Rocket

Madcow Rocketry 2.6" DX3

  • Great Rocket for Transistion to High Power
  • Durable Plastic Nose Cone
  • Flameproof Chute Protector
  • Laser Cut Plywood Parts
  • Kevlar/Nylon Shock Cord
  • Heavy Duty Body Tube
  • Included Madcow Rocketry Motor Retainer

  • Length: 44.5"
  • Diameter 2.6"
  • Weight: 15oz
  • Recovery: 24" Nylon Chute
  • Motor Mount: 29mm
  • Fins: 1/8" Plywood


The Launch

Jr Level 1 Participants will launch at a ROC launch event

To get a NAR Jr Level 1 certification, applicants must succesfully complete a launch using a H or I impluse motor. Jr Level 1 Push participants will do their required launches at a launch event held by The Rocketry Organization of California. ROC holds monthly launches. Not near ROC? Find your local NAR club and feel free to still use our guide.


Why To Participate

Here are some of the benefits of participating in the Jr Level 1 Push program

It's easier

The Jr Level 1 Push program will guide you every step of the way, from purchasing parts to your certification launch at a ROC launch.


Madcow Rocketry is offering discounts to assist Jr Level 1 Push participants.

Launch Bigger Motors

Having a NAR Jr Level 1 certification allows you to launch motors upto a total impulse of 640 Newton-seconds (H and I impulse class motors).

NAR Benefits

NAR membership includes rocketry insurance coverage, a bimonthly subscription to Sport Rocketry, access to launch sites, and more.

Join Your Local Rocket Community

You can use your certification to fly high power at ROC's monthly launches.


Rocketry is a great platform to explore many STEM disciplines, including aeronautics and physics, mechanical and electrical engineering, and many more.

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